Welcome to Lancaster Alloys Company

Welcome to Lancaster Alloys Company, Inc.


Your prime welding wire partner.

At Lancaster Alloys Company, Inc. we manufacture & distribute the highest quality wires. Our products conform to the strictest chemical & metallurgical requirements so your needs are always met.

Your work is critical and does not leave room for error. We understand that. So, we guarantee the performance of our products and ensure they will serve every need you use them for.

We only source the finest raw materials, employ dedicated staff, and utilize the strictest manufacturing processes. That’s how we ensure the finest finished products land in your hands.

We understand the work you do. That is why we take the work we do so seriously.

Our customers recognize this simple fact about our business: we manufacture premium products that exceed our industry’s standards for cleanliness and weldability. We have been in this business for over 30 years and our customers tell us that our quality cannot be beaten.

Our internal “Standard of Excellence” leaves no room for shortcuts.


We take pride in aiding your supply chain.

We take pride in our work ethic.

We take pride in our products.


We do not cut corners.

We do not accept defects.

We do not sacrifice quality.


We do not make jets, tanks, or engines.

We just help you make them better.

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